concept ... of the "journey" that Japatora proposes.
We are in the cornerstone of the "Five keyword", so far without being bound to the "Journey Style" of, is regarded the creation of a new "journey model" to the primary, we strive to communicate with day-to-day customers.

1. Corporate events ··· Events
The Welcome to our in-house events as an efficient communication tool (workplace travel and parties, etc.).
2. Eco travel ··· Eco Tour
Experience their own social contribution through the journey. Also change themselves and the world of environment, support from such a small step.
3.インセンティブ ・・・ Incentive event
Labor-saving business, cost reduction, and suggestions the items to maximize the satisfaction and motivation of participants.
4. Conference ··· Meeting
And from looking perfect venue for meetings, training and seminars, etc. Welcome to our total solution of up to management and settlement.
5. Hobby exploring journey ··· Special Tour
To impress from tourism, to stay from accommodation. Also suggestions moments of wonderful journey that remains in the mind forever.

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