Tourism simply is not enough. I want to travel with a purpose.
Journey to travel only "see" for tourists, with a wide variety of purposes and so are looking for "experience".
"From tourism to" "from the hotel to stay" and creative heart of the journey the traveler.

Travel interests enjoy the celestial phenomena

1991Hawaii Island (approximately 800 people participated), 1995, Thailand (approximately 400 employees participated), 1997 (approximately 350 people participated), Mongolia and Russia 1999 Europe (approximately 300 employees participated), 2001 Africa (approximately 150 employees participated), 2006 Turkey (approximately 220 people participated), 2009 China (140 participants). Tours in 4 nights on Easter Island (20 participants) in 2010, Japan is rare. Success has been observed on favorable terms.
The next total solar eclipse observation tour will Australia Cairns 11/14/2012. An authentic tour of Eclipse instructor accompany your expectations.

Tracon | Eclipse observation tour feature page

Sports travel

To participate in the "Japan International open water Association" (JIOWSA) sponsored by open water swim race tour. Easy access to the venue, a Secretariat official tour. Please join in on the tour can rest assured.

Open water swim race | 2010 tournament dates & deals with tour information

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