Do you need help with meeting and training venue for you?
We from the suggestions of the perfect venue for meetings / training / seminars providing various solutions across all payment until.

Hierarchical training

Utilization of the skills of individual employees, expertise, and networks is lifeblood for businesses. Employee training more personnel in order to develop a strategic human resources, training in business management big weight to occupy has been. Inter alia difference of communication to CS (customer satisfaction), ES (employee satisfaction), and corporate earnings greatly affected. Educate points enhance the skills required to the corporate hierarchy and the utilization in the business scene. Form alliances with companies in the us, and we will help you with employee training.
 (Example: Executive seminar training using the training facility located in the suburb, focus management executives at Karuizawa)

Meeting & events

Form alliances with companies has been involved for many years in Conference and event management, politics, economics, and medicine will help you with planning, management of all areas of international meetings, academic seminars. Mouthful to say the event from basic planning promotion activities, preliminary investigation, participation, Office management, financial management until the venue management at public relations, registration, and enforcement Poker huge is business, the negotiations will be needed. Alliance company with our highly experienced staff promise success in competitions and events.
(Using example: International Film Festival event planning and management, baseball exhibitions and exhibition)

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